• The Hellenic Crude Oil Pipeline Company with the trade name ELEP S.A. was founded in August 2002. After an amendment made in ELEP S.A. statutes, the trade name of the company is "CRUDE OIL PIPELINE COMPANY THESSALONIKI-SKOPJE-VARDAX S.A." and its corporate title is "VARDAX S.A."
  • The scope of the company includes the construction of a pipeline which links Thessaloniki with Skopje. For this purpose, the pipeline assets were transferred from EL.P.ET. BALKANIKI S.A. to VARDAX S.A.
  • On 31st December 2009, the shareholders structure of the company was: ELPET-BALKANIKI S.A. (subsidiary of HELLENIC PETROLEUM S.A. by 63%) by 80% and FYROM by 20%. The share capital amounts to 52.99 mil. euros.
The Board of Directors 
Chairman  Ioannis Apsouris
CEO Triantafyllos Parthenopoulos
Members Ioannis Psychogios
Vassiliki Moukriotou
Bobe Cecev



7th km Thessaloniki - Veria Old National Highway,
57 008 Ehedoros
P.O. Box 10312, GR 541 10 - Thessaloniki
Tel: +30 2310 750 810, +30 2310 750 927
Fax: + 30 2310 750 748