• OKTA is the biggest fuel supplier in the Republic of North Macedonia.
    The Company was established in 1978. It became member of the HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group (HELPE) in 1999. Its headquarters are in the Company’s industrial installations, 28 kilometers east of Skopje.

    In July 2002 OKTA’s installations were connected vie a 210 km pipeline with HELPE refinery in Thessaloniki.

    It currently possesses:

  • Crude oil refining facilities with nameplate capacity of 2.5 million metric tons. OKTA refinery was upgraded during the period 2005-2010 to produce fuels according to Euro5 standards. The refinery is in shut down since January 2013.

  • Storage facilities with total capacity of 350 million liters.

  • Truck loading facilities.

  • Wagon loading facilities.

  • 25 petrol stations under OKTA brand name.

  • An accredited laboratory in accordance with the standard MKS EN ISO/IEC 17025 :2006, using 50 accredited methods.

  • Fully integrated firefighting unit equipped with two fire trucks etc.

  • Waste water treatment unit

    On 31st December 2014, the shareholders of the Company were: EL.P.ET. BALKANIKI S.A., a subsidiary of HELPE by 63%, (81.51%), Pucko Petrol (10,87%) and the Company employees (7,62%).

The Board of Directors 
Chairman/Non-Executive Independent Member Dionysios Routsis
CEO/Executive Member Vuk Radovic
Non-Executive Members Andreas Triantopoulos
Alexandros Parginos
Daniil Antonopoulos
Vasileios Bagiokos (Independent Member)
Konstantinos Mademlis 



1str. 25 Miladinovci, P.O. Box 66, 1000 Skopje,
Republic of North Macedonia
Tel: + 389 2 2532000
Fax: + 389 2 2577788
Email: COKTA@helpe.gr