EL.P.ET. BALKANIKI S.A. was founded as a LIMITED LIABILITY PETROLEUM, TRADING AND INVESTMENT COMPANY in 1999 with the trade name EL.P.ET. BALKANIKI S.A. The headquarters of the company are located in Maroussi, Athens.

The scope of the company includes:

  • To form a consortium in which any company or other agency indicated by the government of the Republic of North Macedonia may participate, with the purpose to construct and operate a crude oil pipeline that links Thessaloniki with Skopje.
  • To acquire equity participation in the OKTA refinery in Skopje through the privatization process of OKTA, to construct new gas stations and petroleum products facilities in general, as well as to modernize any existing facilities in the Republic of North Macedonia.
  • To undertake any commercial, industrial and investment activities regarding the purchase, sale, import, export and distribution of petroleum products either in Greece or in the Republic of North Macedonia, as well as to provide any services related directly or indirectly with the abovementioned.
  • To undertake any activities related to the production and distribution of power in the Republic of North Macedonia and the Balkans in general.
  • To study, supervise and execute engineering projects and to provide services such as research, design, planning and providing of know-how, directly or indirectly related to the abovementioned either in Greece or in Balkans.
  • To provide services in the areas of financial, administrative, engineering and commercial issues in Greece or in Balkans.
  • To undertake general investment activities in Balkans, in areas related to the abovementioned.
  • The share capital of the company stood at 96.3 million euros in 31.12.2009, equally divided in 3,282,787 shares with a par value of 29.35 euros each. The shareholder of the company is HELLENIC PETROLEUM HOLDINGS S.A. (100%).
The Board of Directors
ChairmanIoannis Apsouris
Vice Chairman & CEOGeorgios Alexopoulos
MembersAlexia Trokoudi
Christos Tziolas
Konstantinos Karachalios



4Α Gravias str., GR 151 25 - Maroussi
Tel.: +30 210 63 02 723
Fax: +30 210 63 02 589
Ε-mail: i.l.kalafati@helpe.gr