ASPROFOS is a Group subsidiary and constitutes the largest Greek engineering and consulting services provider in South-Eastern Europe. It operates in accordance with internationally accepted standards and practices, certified by ISO 9001, ΕLΟΤ 1429, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. 

During 2015, it employed 204 highly qualified professionals. ASPROFOS directly supports the Group’s investments particularly in the fields of refining and natural gas, through the provision of a broad range of technical, project management and other related advisory services while it is continuously differentiating the range of its services, broadening its client portfolio, diversifying away of both Group and Greece. 
In 2015, the Company’s turnover reached €11.8 million through the provision of services to 130 projects, the most important of which are outlined below: 

•    Licensing and Technical/Engineering Services for the TAP pipeline. 
•    Detailed study and supervision of the construction of the 3rd L.N.G. tank of Revithousa terminal, on behalf of DESFA.
•    Detailed study and overseeing construction for the feed sourcing of the unit U-33 at the Elefsina refinery with Fuel Gas from the unit U-34 to produce hydrogen. 
•    Studies for the upgrade of the Rijeka (ΙΝΑ) refinery in Croatia (Amine Unit, CDU, etc). 
•    Energy saving studies for the processing units at the Aspropyrgos refinery. 
•    Detailed design for the upgrade of existing chemicals systems. 
•    Βasic and detailed design for the Amine Unit upgrade at the Thessaloniki refinery.
•    DESFA network and facilities projects: Overseeing the construction of the natural gas pipeline between Ag. Theodoroi and PPC Megalopolis. 

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