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HELLENIC PETROLEUM RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES S.A. (HELPE Renewables) was founded in 2006 and is a fully owned subsidiary. The company’s object of business is the production and trading of energy products produced by renewable energy sources.

HELPE Renewables plans to develop significant wind, photovoltaic and biomass capacity in the next few years, diversifying the Group’s energy portfolio and contributing to balancing its greenhouse gas emissions.

ΗELPE Renewables already operates PV parks on Group-owned property with a total capacity of 17.6 MW as well as a 7 MW wind park in Pylos, Messinia.

The following stations are in operation:

  • Seven P/V stations located on property owned by the Group with a total nominal capacity of 19 MW. These include four P/V projects with a total capacity of 17.6 MW of the first tender process organized by RAE (2016).
  • Wind farm with a capacity of 7 MW in Pylos in Messinia
  • Ten PV own production with net-metering systems totalling approximately 100 KW, installed at EKO and BP fuel stations.


The following projects are in various stages of development:

  • Two P/V projects with a capacity of 12 MW, on property owned by the Group.
  • Four biomass power and heat generation units (using agricultural residues as source of energy) with a total capacity of 20 MW, as well as a 1 MW biogas plant.
  • 130MW photovoltaic portfolio, as well as wind and hybrid projects in cooperation with LARCO.
  • In 2018, the Group submitted applications for production licensing for projects with a total capacity exceeding 200 MW.
  • At the same time, HELPE Renewables continuously assesses investments in own production for own consumption at the Group facilities, which are connected to the LV and MV networks.

HELPE Renewables follows the Safety and Environment procedures adopted by the Group with regard to compliance, reporting, risk and accidents prevention and management, both during the construction phase as well as operation. A S&E engineer is appointed for each new project, entrusted with monitoring the relevant issues, supervising works and the S&E licensing stage, as well as the validity term and the renewal of licenses.

For more information: