All kinds of fuels required by the Greek market are produced by Hellenic Petroleum SA, as per the specifications of the Greek authorities and the European Directives.

The following products are produced and distributed:

  • 95-octane unleaded gasoline (as per the European ΕΝ-228 standard)
  • 96-octane unleaded gasoline with a lead substitute for old vehicles
  • 100-octane zero-sulphur unleaded gasoline
  • Automotive diesel fuel (as per the European ΕΝ-590 standard)
  • Automotive liquefied petroleum gas (as per the European ΕΝ-589 standard)

Our products can be found even underneath the vehicles' wheels:

  • Two quality types of asphalt concrete for different types of paving are made by the Hellenic Petroleum refineries and are available both in the north and the south regions.