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Meeting of the Hellenic Petroleum CEO, Gregoris Stergioulis, with the Club of Economic and Commercial Diplomats of foreign countries in Greece (ECDC)

Delegation of the ECDC Club of Economic and Commercial Diplomats of foreign countries in Greece (ECDC) visited on Tuesday, March 8th, Hellenic Petroleum Headquarters’. The CEO and the Executives of Hellenic Petroleum briefed the guests on the company’s current status, as well as on the core directions of the strategic development plan.    

A total of thirty-one (31) Economic and Commercial Diplomats were accompanied by Mr. David Mallette, President of the Diplomatic Club and Mrs. Vaso Kyrkou, Competent of the Club. Mr. Stergioulis welcomed the Diplomats and referred to the positive financial results of 2015 and the successful deals that Hellenic Petroleum concluded over the last year, such as the agreement with Iran.
Outlining the corporate policies, Mr. Stergioulis noted that fresh ideas and quick movements are required, however in full consideration of what is happening around us, in the international arena and particularly in Southeast Mediterranean region.
“We did not get to choose the place we were born; but we can choose where to live and where to operate”, Mr. Stergioulis said referring to the Group's initiatives to alleviate the socially vulnerable groups due to the economic crisis but also in addressing the humanitarian crisis because of the refugee issue. At the same time, he stressed that companies are part of the society and need to take action on major social issues, as recently Hellenic Petroleum did with the establishment of the Refugee Temporary Hospitality Center "HELPE Village", in the island of Chios.  

Thereafter, the “Group’s Overview and Strategy” was presented to the members of the ECDC Club by Mr. Gregoris Stergioulis, Group's CEO, Mr. George Alexopoulos, General Manager of Strategic Planning & Joint Ventures, Mr. Vassilis Tsaitas, Investor Relations Officer and Mr. Diomidis Stamoulis, Senior Director of Strategic Planning, Industrial Activities and Participations. 

It is noted that ECDC Club in Greece, consists of Diplomats who are responsible for economic policy, foreign trade and investments in their embassies. The Club members visit representatives of the Greek political and business communities, as well as important organizations and institutions in an effort to become better acquainted with Greece in the context of their professional duties. 

The meeting at the Headquarters of the Hellenic Petroleum Group ended with the offer of a red rose from the CEO to the women of the ECDC delegation, on the occasion of the International Women’s Day that was celebrated at the day of the visit.