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Press Release

HELLENIC PETROLEUM S.A. announces the Members of the new Board of Directors of the Company:

•    Mr. Efstathios Tsotsoros remains Executive Chairman of the BoD 
•    Mr. Grigorios Stergioulis remains Chief Executive Officer
•    Mr. Andreas Shiamishis is appointed Deputy Chief Executive Officer
•    Mr. Georgios Alexopoulos is appointed as a Member of the Board of Directors by Hellenic Republic, replacing Mr. Stratis Zafeiris, who has resigned.

The new Board of Directors has been established as follows:

Α. Executive Members:

•    Efstathios Tsotsoros, Executive Chairman of the BoD
•    Grigorios Stergioulis, Chief Executive Officer
•    Andreas Shiamishis, Deputy Chief Executive Officer
•    Ioannis Psychogios
•    Georgios Alexopoulos

B. Non-Executive Members 

•    Theodoros-Achilleas Vardas
•    Georgios Grigoriou
•    Dimitrios Kontofakas
•    Vasilios Kounelis
•    Theodoros Pantalakis
•    Spyridon Pantelias
•    Panagiotis Ofthalmidis, Employees’ Representative
•    Constantinos Papagiannopoulos, Employees’ Representative

The term of office of the above Board of Directors is until June, 26th 2018.

HELLENIC PETROLEUM SA Registered Address: 8A Chimarras str., 151 25-Maroussi/Greece
S.A. Registration Number.: 2443/06/B/86/23
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