HELPE Group would like to express its satisfaction for the acceleration on the process followed in the exploration and production of hydrocarbons sector. The initialing of the Lease Agreement for ‘Block 2’, west of Corfu, is a major step towards the official award of the Block that is the ratification of the Lease Agreement by the Greek Parliament.

HELPE Group would like to state that is fully committed and ready to fulfil its obligations. It is a great honor for us that we are partners with two international and reputable oil companies, TOTAL and EDISON.

We anticipate that within the next few days the same form of Lease Agreement will be signed also for ‘Block 10’, in the Kyparissiakos Gulf, and the pre-contractual audit for ‘Arta-Preveza’ and ‘NW Peloponnese’ by the Court of Audit will be concluded.  

HELPE Group is fully committed to invest in the exploration of Hydrocarbons in Greece in order to discover commercial quantities of hydrocarbons by implementing the most up-to date, safe and environmentally friendly technological methods, showing the outmost respect for local communities and their current activities. In this context the Group is ready to evaluate new opportunities in the exploration and production of hydrocarbons which may arise in other areas of our country. HELPE Group will officially and responsibly inform when such new agreements arise.