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AEGEAN AIRLINES and HELLENIC PETROLEUM join forces to offer 10 free-of-charge flights for the transport of medical and pharmaceutical materials

AEGEAN and HELLENIC PETROLEUM join forces to contribute jointly to the State’s effort to handle the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis, by offering flights to transport medical and pharmaceutical material from the countries where it is manufactured.

More specifically, AEGEAN will provide its airplanes and crews, and will cover any other variable costs of the flights, while the HELPE Group, via EΚΟ, will incur the cost of the fuels required for these flights.

AEGEAN and HELLENIC PETROLEUM will, for the moment, offer up to 10 flights to the Far East, China or wherever else such materials or other necessary supplies and equipment are manufactured, provided that AEGEAN airplanes can reach these destinations.

The Deputy Ministry of Civil Protection will, of course, coordinate and inform on the needs, in order to ensure maximum effectiveness.

These flights might also cover the needs of Prefectures, Charitable Institutions or other bodies that have provided or donated equipment to the State.

Aiming at increasing cargo transport capacity, AEGEAN has already converted two AIRBUSES A320/321 of its fleet in order to transfer the largest amount of medicine, equipment or other medical material possible.

As a result, available capacity has tripled, reaching now 120 cubic meters in A320 and 170 cubic meters in A321.

On their part, HELLENIC PETROLEUM and EKO will continue to operate their facilities in all Greek airports, in order to also serve any extraordinary refueling needs that may arise during this period.

AEGEAN and HELLENIC PETROLEUM will also conduct, in the same way and free of charge, any repatriation flights required and requested by the Deputy Ministry of Civil Protection and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

These flights will be carried out only if approved by the Deputy Ministry of Civil Protection and on the basis of the participation criteria and receipt conditions set by the Deputy Ministry, as appropriate.

On these flights, there will be an empty seat in between all passengers, while no catering service will be provided for reasons of maximum security.