Students connecting with mentors across the country - The HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group supports The Tipping Point program

For the 2nd consecutive year, HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group is endorsing The Tipping Point initiative and supports the participation to the program of five public schools located in Thessaloniki, Ioannina, Lefkada, Chalki and Athens.

Students will be given the opportunity to enjoy on-demand live video communication with mentors from all over the world to discuss their career interests, in the comfort of their classroom, in order to benefit from their knowledge and expertise and make more informed career decisions.

The HELPE Group attaches great value to this initiative and is keen to contribute to its success, not only by supporting the participating schools, but also and most essentially by encouraging its business executives to undertake the role of mentor and share their knowledge and experience with students across the country.

The HELPE Group's partnership with the Tipping Point contributes to the collective effort to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, a significant part of the company’s CSR program and strategy.