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Payment of dividend for the financial year 2005
HELLENIC PETROLEUM SA informs the investors that the Ordinary Annual General Meeting of the Shareholders of the Company on 31 May 2006, approved the distribution of € 0.43 as dividend per share for the financial year 2005. Due to the first dividend of € 0.15 per share already distributed, according to the resolution of the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Shareholders on 12 December 2005, the remaining dividend for distribution is € 0.28 per share.
All registered shareholders of HELLENIC PETROLEUM SA as of the Athens Exchange’s trading session on 2 June 2006 are entitled to receive the above dividend (€ 0.28 per share).
From 5 June 2006, which is the ex-dividend date, the shares of HELLENIC PETROLEUM will be trading without the right for the remaining dividend.
The payment of the remaining dividend will commence on 14 June 2006.
The above mentioned payment will take place through the branch network of National Bank (which is the payer bank). Shareholders will be able to receive the dividend through the National Bank within a period of one year, thus until 14 June 2007.
According to the new dividend distribution process, as it is provided by the article 329 of Athens Exchange’s Regulation and the article 39 of the Central Securities Depository’s Regulation, the payment of the remaining dividend through the National Bank will be accomplished as follows:
1. Through the PCS (Paperless Clearing System) account operators, which have accepted the relevant agreement concerning income distribution between the National Bank and the account operators according to the above.
2. Through the branch network of National Bank for those shareholders requesting exemption from their PCS account operator.
3. Shareholders, who will not be credited through their account operators, will be able to receive the dividend through the branch network of National Bank, starting from 21 June 2006.
The dividend payment for cases 2 and 3 requires the submission of a PCS Investor’s Account Number as well as the presentation of an identification card. A third person will be able to receive the dividend only with the submission of an authorization letter, verified for signature’s authenticity by a state authority, presenting the full details of the entitled shareholder as well as the authorized person.
For additional information, Shareholders may address the Shareholders’ Service Department of HELLENIC PETROLEUM SA, 199 Kifisias Avenue, 151 24 Marousi (tel. +30 210 876 7861-4, fax +30 210 876 7993).