“Innovation and its application to entrepreneurship" was discussed at the SAP Global CEO Summit in New York


“From leadership to legacy” was the title of the Global CEO Summit, organized by SAP on the 1st & 2nd of November in New York. Attended by CEOs of the largest companies worldwide, as well as prominent personalities and celebrities from around the world, the aim of the summit was the open dialogue between the participants (Think Tank), on innovation, the challenges and their implementation in modern entrepreneurship.

Through free, unmoderated commentary and exchange of ideas, there has been an effort to approach different issues from people of varying professional orientation.

This year’s agenda, among other issues, was focused on:

  • Spreading news of misleading or "false" content (fake news)
  • Artificial Intelligence, Employment and Productivity
  • Populist policies and business globalization
  • Teamwork and individuality at work

The Summit’s main objectives were:

  • The ability of businesses and their leaders to adapt to modern conditions and challenges,
  • The necessary interventions aimed at the well-being of employees and societies,
  • Requirements for research teams to develop information management and artificial intelligence software.

Significant personalities were present at the Summit, the most prominent of which being the 44th President of the United States, Mr. Barack Obama. Among the top CEOs invited at the Summit, was Hellenic Petroleum’s CEO, Mr. G. Stergioulis.

SAP, the company that hosted the summit, is a global leader in the software application market, supporting the optimized corporate and industry operations.