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Drilling Rig F 200 DE of 4000m. depth capacity
HELLENIC PETROLEUM S.A. has decided to dispose its stock of equipment, tools and materials for the drilling and seismic activities, stored at its central storage yard located at the Industrial Area of the city of Kavala - N. Greece (VIPE - Pontolivado). The surplus materials, equipment and tools shall be sold to the market through an international tendering process.

SPECIFIC PACKAGE DESCRIPTION The equipment is divided, in three main categories:
- 1. Drilling Rig Unit
- 2. Oilfield equipment & consumables
- 3. Geophysical equipment (seismic)


1. Drilling Rig Unit, consisting of the following sub-units (packages):

 Package 1:

Drilling Rig F 200 DE of drilling capacity 4000 m with 5" DP, consisting of:

  • Derrick, substructure, triplex pumps, draw works, winches, DC motors, rotary table, BOPs, mud system complete with Pioneer mud cleaner and spare parts for all above equipment.
  • Power plant/SCR: includes 4 CAT engines D398 912 HP @ 1200 rpm with 4 General Electric Generators GTA–30, 600 V 60Hz and General Electric SCR Micro Drill 3000 and 2 ea Atlas Copco air compressors.
  • Drilling Rig Spare Parts & Consumables
  • Miscellaneous equipment for the rig (necessary containers for offices, warehouses etc, lighting system, fuel storage system, etc).

Drilling rig lay-out plan
4 Caterpillar engines D398 912 HP
skid mounted cementing and fracturing unit 2ACF-700
 Package 2: Handling tools – complete set with spare parts
 Package 3: Fishing tools – complete set with spare parts
 Package 4: Cementing plant, consisting of cementing storage unit for total 120 mt dry cement and skid mounted cementing and fracturing unit 2ACF-700 with twin triplex pumps 10.000 psi and 2 engines CAT 3406 DI – TA.

2. Oilfield equipment & well consumable materials, including unused and used oilfield equipment and consumables:

Package 5:Casing and casing accessories
(casing, casing collars, shoes, pup joints, centralizers, etc.)

Drill pipes, drill collars, tubing
Stabilizers, pup joints etc.
Rock bits and hole openers
Package 6:Liner Hangers & EZ-SV Packers
Package 7:Drill Pipes, Drill Collars & Tubing
Package 8:Drilling String Stabilizers
Package 9:Hole Openers & Rock Bits
Package 10:PDC Bits & Diamond Bits
Package 11:Core Barrels – Core Heads – Coring Equipment
Package 12:Onshore Wellheads, spools, X-mas Trees
Package 13:Marine equipment (anchors)
Package 14:Offshore Drilling Equipment
Package 15:Offshore Casing
Package 16:Various Equipment & Accessories

3. Geophysical equipment (seismic), for onshore operations:

Package 17:

Vibroseis Seismic Acquisition Unit

  • SN 388 (24 BITS) complete Telemetric Seismic Acquisition System mounted on a 4 X 4 Magirus Truck

Vibroseis Seismic Acquisition Unit

Offers should be submitted or sent to HELLENIC PETROLEUM S.A. not later than May 19, 2006.

Further information and/or more photos can be obtained via e-mail, upon request to HELLENIC PETROLEUM S.A. and through its authorized personnel, as follows:

  • The person responsible for all technical matters, coordinator of the project (including – but not limited to – site visits arrangement, specifications etc.), as well as responsible to forward the complete tender set of documents to all interested participants, is:

Mr. George RamadanisTel:+ 30 2510 832895
Fax+ 30 2510 833578 or

The persons responsible for all matters relative to offers, tendering terms etc, are:

Mr. Eleftherios TriantafyllouTel:+ 30 210 5539214
Fax:+ 30 210 5539209

and / or:

Mr. Nikolaos EfthimiouTel:+ 30 210 5539221
Fax:+ 30 210 5539209