Response to Capital Markets Commission letter – Announcement

HELLENIC Petroleum S.A. (“the Company”) announces that following recently published press reports, referring to the disposal of shares of HELLENIC PETROLEUM A.E. by its main shareholders, i.e. PANEUROPEAN OIL & INDUSTRIAL HOLDINGS S.A. (POIH) and the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund A.E. (HRADF) and pursuant to a request by the Capital Markets Commission, the Company has received, in response to a relevant query, information by the aforementioned shareholders; according to which, the Hellenic Republic and POIH are in negotiations for the potential joint sale of a majority participation in HELLENIC PETROLEUM S.A, the process for such joint sale and the governance of their relation. According to information received by the shareholders, their discussions have not yet concluded; such conclusion is expected in the near future. The HRADF and POIH will proceed to the necessary announcements, when the relevant conditions are met and in accordance with applicable law.