Announcement of new BoD composition

“HELLENIC PETROLEUM S.A.” announces that the Hellenic Republic, through its letter dated 19th November 2018 signed by the Ministers of Finance and of Environment and Energy, notified, in accordance with Article 20, par. 6 (a) of the Company’s Articles of Association, the appointment of Mr. Christos Tsitsikas at the Board of Directors of replacing Mr. Ioannis Psychoyios, who has stepped down as General Manager of Refining, Supply and Trading and Executive Board Member.


The Board of Directors, at its meeting no.1337 that took place on 29.11.2018, was constituted as a body as follows:


Α. Executive Members:

  • Efstathios Tsotsoros, Chairman of the BoD & Chief Executive Officer
  • Andreas Shiamishis, Deputy Chief Executive Officer
  • Georgios Alexopoulos, Director


B. Non-Executive Members

  • Theodoros-Achilleas Vardas, Director
  • Georgios Grigoriou, Director
  • Dimitrios Kontofakas, Director
  • Vasilios Kounelis, Director
  • Christos Tsitsikas, Director
  • Loudovikos Kotsonopoulos, Director
  • Theodoros Pantalakis, Director- Minority Shareholders’ Representative.
  • Spyridon Pantelias, Director- Minority Shareholders’ Representative.
  • Constantinos Papagiannopoulos, Director- Employees’ Representative
  • Georgios Papakonstantinou, Director- Employees’ Representative


The term of the office of the above Board of Directors is until 17.04.2023