Fiscal Year 2021

Announcement for Dividend payment 2021
Resolutions A.G.M. 09 June 2022
CEO Presentation A.G.M. 09.06.22
Invitation A.G.M. 09.06.2022
Proxy Form A.G.M. 09.06.22
Postal Vote Form A.G.M. 09.06.22
Revocation of Proxy Form A.G.M. 09.06.22
Total number of shares and voting rights A.G.M. 09.06.22
Note on Items 3(a) and 3(b)
Remuneration Report of BoD Members (ITEM 4)
Auditors Report on Remuneration Report (ΙΤΕΜ 4)
Activity Report Of the Audit for the financial year 2021 (ITEM 5)
Report of the Independent Non-Executive Members of the Board of Directors (ITEM 6)
Terms and conditions for participation in the remote A.G.M.
Shareholder Privacy Notice
Third Parties Privacy Notice