Power Generation and Trading

The Group is active in the production, trading and supply of electricity in Greece through its participation (50%) in the Elpedison B.V. joint venture (the remaining 50% is held by EDISON International). Elpedison B.V. Group includes the 75.78% participation in the share capital of Elpedison SA, while ELLAKTOR (22.74%) and HALCOR (1.48%) own the remaining of the share capital.

ELPEDISON S.A. is currently the second largest independent power producer in Greece with a total installed capacity of 810 MW, comprising a 390 MW gas-fired plant in Thessaloniki, since 2005, and a 420 MW gas fired plant in Thisvi, since 2010.

ELPEDISON is also active in the electricity supply business, being one of the largest alternative independent electricity suppliers with sales of 1,000 GWh and a 2.4% retail share in the LV and MV customer segments in 2016, with particularly rapid growth over the course of the year.

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Natural Gas

The Group is active in the natural gas sector through its 35% participation in DEPA S.A., with the remaining 65% owned by the HRDAF. DEPA Group is active in supplying natural gas in Greece through import pipelines and the Revithoussa LNG terminal, as well as in the trading of natural gas to selected end-users (annual consumption> 100 GWh). DESFA, a 100% subsidiary of DEPA, manages and develops the National System of Natural Gas Transmission. Following the unbundling of distribution and supply activities, DEPA holds a 51% share in local supply companies (EPAs), who supply Natural Gas to customers with an average annual consumption <100 GWh through the low pressure gas network and distribution companies (EDAs) who manage the low pressure distribution network. Finally, DEPA also participates in international gas transportation projects.

On 2012, HELPE and HRADF jointly agreed to initiate the procedure for selling their share in the DEPA Group, with the intention to transfer 100% of the supply and trading activity, shares in regional trading corporations, and 66% of shares in the high pressure gas transmission network.

The selling procedure resulted in a binding offer for acquiring 66% of DESFA by SOCAR. In 2013, the Share Purchase Agreement was signed, and the closing of the transaction was subject to the approval of the European Commission competition authorities.

In late 2016, the deadline for the fulfilment of all prerequisites for the finalization of the transaction expired without the desired outcome. On June 2017, the Board of Directors of HELPE, evaluated the strategic choices of HELPE regarding its minority participation in DESFA and considered that the disposal (jointly with HRADF) of the 66% of DESFA’s shares is in the interest of the Company, followed by the publication of an Invitation for the Non-Binding Expression of Interest.

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