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Oil & Gas Exploration & Production

HELLENiQ ENERGY Group is also engaged in the exploration and production of Hydrocarbons. Its main activities in the field are focused in Greece:

  • In the offshore Block 10, Ionian Sea in the Kyparissias Gulf, the Group was awarded exclusive hydrocarbons exploration and production rights (100%) in 2019 and geological and environmental studies are currently ongoing. Processing of the new seismic data is in progress with the interpretation to follow.
  • The Group has also E&P rights, as Operator 100%, in the offshore “Ionian Sea” block, in Western Greece, where geological and environmental studies are ongoing.
  • The joint venture consisting of Energean Hellas Ltd. (75% operator) and HELPE West Corfu S.A. (25%) has exclusive hydrocarbons exploration and exploitation rights in the offshore block 2, west of Corfu. In those areas, a geological and environmental studies program is being implemented based on contractual obligations.
  • The Group has also E&P rights, with 30% interest, in two (2) offshore blocks in Crete, ‘West Crete’ and ‘Southwest Crete’, together with ExxonMobil Exploration & Production Greece (Crete) B.V. (70%, Operator), where the 1st exploration phase is in progress with geological and environmental studies.
  • 25% participation in a consortium with Calfrac Well Services Ltd (75%) in the Thracian Sea Concession, North Aegean, with a total area of approximately 1,600 sq. km. Geological studies are currently carried out.
  • The offshore area (Block 1) in the Ionian Sea, north of Corfu, the Group has submitted an offer and it is expected that it will be declared as the Preferred Bidder.

Renewable Energy Sources (RES)

HELLENIC PETROLEUM RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES S.A. (HELPE Renewables) was founded in 2006 and is a fully owned subsidiary. HELPE Renewables plans to develop significant renewable capacity in the next few years, leading to diversification of the Group’s energy portfolio and contributing to offsetting its greenhouse gas emissions through reaching >1 GW of operating capacity by 2026 and 2 GW by 2030.

The following stations are in operation:

  • 1 PV park of 204 MW capacity in Kozani.
  • 8 PV parks located at various Group sites, including all 3 of its refineries, with a total nominal capacity of 21 MW.
  • PV park clusters with a total capacity of 16 MW in Viotia.
  • Wind farms with a total capacity of 44 MW in Evia and Messinia.
  • 17 PV net-metering systems totaling approximately 270 kW, installed at EKO and BP fuel stations.

More than 2 GW of projects, mainly PV, wind and energy storage are currently in various stages of development, including the Kozani PV project (204 MW), which was inaugurated on April 6, 2022. Based on the above, HELPE Renewables’ total installed capacity amounts to 285 MW.

On February 17, 2020, HELPE signed an agreement for the acquisition and construction of a PV park at the broader area of Kozani with the German RES developer and contractor JUWI. The transaction was completed on October 1, 2020, and the project’s construction started in November 2020.

During 2021, the construction works were successfully implemented and at the end of the year, the mechanical completion of the individual PVs was achieved, according to the schedule, while its connection to the network was realized during the first months of 2022.

The project’s total installed capacity reaches 204 MW, making it one of the largest RES plants both in Greece and in Europe. Its annual electricity generation is estimated at around 350 GWh, which is sufficient to power 75,000 homes with zero-emission energy, leading to a CO2 emission avoidance of over 90,000 tons p.a..

The total investment exceeds €130 million and significantly benefits the regional economy, in Western Macedonia, Greece. More than 35% of the equipment, materials and labour are sourced from Greece, while over 300 jobs have been created during the construction phase. Finally, dozens of direct and indirect jobs will be created during operation, that will be mostly covered by the local community. Moreover, the implementation of the Stakeholder Engagement Plan ensures that the negative impact on the local community will be minimized.

In parallel, the acquisition of 38 MW operating wind farms in the area of Evia and of 2 PV parks, with total capacity of 16 MW in Viotia, was completed. Finally, HELPE Renewables continues to assess investments in net-metering at the Group’s facilities, which are connected to the LV and MV networks.

HELPE Renewables follows the Group’s Safety and Environment (S&E) procedures with regards to compliance, reporting, risk and accidents prevention and management, both, during the construction phase and the operation. An S&E engineer is appointed for each new project with the responsibility to monitor relevant issues, supervise works and the S&E licensing stage, validity term and potential renewals.

For more information:


ASPROFOS, a Group subsidiary, is the largest Greek engineering firm and energy consulting services provider in South-Eastern Europe. It operates in accordance with internationally accepted standards and practices, certified by ISO 9001, ΕLΟΤ 1429, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. Also, ASPROFOS, having as priority the health of its employees and its associates, adhered to the strictest protocol along with procedures for prevention and hygiene and received the Excellent Level of TÜV AUSTRIA COVID-Shield certification.

ASPROFOS supports investments in the fields of refining and natural gas through the provision of a broad range of technical, project management and other related advisory services, while seeking to continuously expand the range of its services and broaden its client portfolio to include, mainly, international clients.

In 2021, ASPROFOS employed 215 qualified professionals and its turnover amounted to €11.3 million.

In 2021, ASPROFOS provided services to more than 100 projects to clients both within and outside the HELPE Group of Companies. The most important projects are outlined below:

  • Environmental impact and permit studies for the onshore and offshore section of the EastMed pipeline in Greece
  • New white-product pipelines, interconnecting the Aspropyrgos and the Elefsina refineries and the upgrade of part of the suburban railway section of Western Attica.
  • Detailed design for the upgrade of waste water treatment unit (U-5500) at the Aspropyrgos refinery
  • Detailed design for the implementation of HAZOP study findings of the Atmospheric Distillation Units CDU III & CDU IV at the Elefsina refinery
  • Construction supervision activities for the photovoltaic park of 204.3 MW for HELPE Renewables in Kozani
  • Equipment and assembly design for the new Sulphur Recovery Unit (SRU) and interconnections at the Thessaloniki Industrial Complex (TIC)
  • Design and construction of three (3) playgrounds for children with disabilities in Elefsina/Aspropyrgos/Thessaloniki
  • Detailed design for the upgrade of the fuel supply system at the Shuwaikh Power Station in Kuwait
  • Construction supervision for the interconnection between the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) and the National Natural Gas Transmission System in the area of Nea Messimvria-Thessaloniki for DESFA
  • Support of the EIC for operation restoration & pier reconstruction

For more information: