The international petrol stations network amounts to approximately 300 in total. In Cyprus and Montenegro, the Group's local subsidiaries HELLENIC PETROLEUM CYPRUS and JUGOPETROL AD respectively, are leading players in their markets. In Bulgaria and Serbia, the Group’s subsidiaries EKO Bulgaria and EKO Serbia have recorded rapid growth and are now amongst the top five in their respective markets.

In Cyprus, the Group operates a network of 95 fuel stations under the EKO brand, boasting a significant market share and presence in the wholesale, aviation and shipping sectors. The company also operates a facility in the port of Larnaca for storing and distributing its products, which is planned to move to privately owned premises in Vassiliko in the next two years.

In Montenegro, the Group’s subsidiary, JUGOPETROL AD owns and operates 40 EKO-branded fuel stations, holding a significant market share. It is also the main wholesale supplier of petroleum products in Montenegro. It operates the only petroleum products storage facility in the country, which is also used to supply third parties as well as the country’s two airports.

In FYROM, the Group’s subsidiary OKTA holds a leading share in the domestic wholesale market, also operating a network of 25 fuel stations under the OKTA brand.

The Group also maintains a strong presence in the retail markets of Bulgaria and Serbia, operating 89 and 54 fuel stations respectively with a significant market share. Moreover, EKO Bulgaria has substantially improved its position in the wholesale trading by taking advantage of the refinery sector export capabilities.

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