The Group has a key market position in domestic fuel retail through its subsidiaries EKO and HELLENIC FUELS (HF) - takeover of BP by HELPE SA in 2009. In Greece, the Group has a trademark license for BP in fuel retail marketing.

In Greece, EKO’s network of fuel stations amounts to 900 out of a total of  5,500 petrol stations in the country, whilst HELLENIC FUELS operates another 816 petrol stations under the BP brand name. The two companies combine 15 bulk storage and supply terminals, 23 aircraft refueling stations in the country’s main airports, 2 LPG bottling plants in Northern and Southern Greece and 1 lubricants blendingand packaging unit. This extensive logistics infrastructure has been acquired by gradually taking over and merging a series of companies that have been active in the retail market over the last 10 years. The existing infrastructure gives the Group the chance to play a significant role in retail market on the Greek mainland, islands as well as airport areas across the country.

The acquisition of BP's land fuel operations in Greece boosted the Group’s position in the domestic retail market, increased its market share, and created profitable synergies between the two retail companies and the refining sector.

The successful implementation of the Group’s strategy for extroversion, innovation and operational optimisation increased the value offered in all fuels marketing activities. The Group maintained its leading position in the market, increasing its share in key products, while growing profitability by supplying competitive and quality fuels and lubricants. On this note, the Group has successfully completed the launch of two innovative differentiated products, the new ΕΚΟ Diesel Avio and ΒΡ Ultimate Diesel.

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