Product Safety, Quality & Product Accessibility

Our fuel products meet the needs of all domestic customers in industry, transport, shipping, aviation, etc. and are available for retail and wholesale distribution in both domestic and international markets. All our products have three parameters in common: safety, quality, and accessibility. The main pillars for targeted competitive improvement regarding the Group’s commercial activities are the implementation of best operation practices for the products’ safe management and delivery of innovative, high-quality products at a competitive value for money price, that are offered at an extensive network of service stations with wide geographic coverage.

Our goal is to gain our customers’ trust at every fuel tank refill and we achieve this by assuring the quality of our products with continuous quality checks throughout the entire supply chain, from the refinery to the customer delivery point, in accordance with Group Quality Policy.

We apply rigorous operation standards at all our facilities and fuel stations to ensure safe management of our products and respect to the environment. Through an established cooperation framework throughout the entire supply chain, we aspire to assure a reliable network of suppliers and collaborators, which in turn also applies corresponding responsible product management practices.

Our products completely meet evolving engine technologies and the changing European framework legislation. For more information on our approach: https://sustainabilityreport2019.helpe.gr/en/materiality-topics/market/

Product Quality and Accessibility

All products from HELLENIC PETROLEUM refineries meet National and European Legislation requirements and we ensure the quality of our fuel throughout the supply chain with constant quality controls at all stages.

We offer innovative, high-quality products at a competitive price in relation to best value for money through an extensive network of petrol stations of wide geographic coverage.

Furthermore, we offer our products to commercial customers, industries, and resellers.

Hellenic Fuels and Lubricants (EKO) has eight fuel terminals throughout Greece, and two LPG storage, distribution and cylinder filling facilities in the prefectures of Thessaloniki and Attiki.

Through its subsidiaries, the Group is active in the markets of Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro and North Macedonia. Exports are directed to all significant markets in SE Europe. The Group’s marketing company has a strong presence in the Greek market through the EKO and BP brands. In Greece, the Group has a network of more than 1,700 petrol stations.


Customer Service at Petrol Stations

Customer service is provided with:

  • Mystery motorist program: 60 points are checked in connection to 7 aspects at the petrol station
  • Market Research for better and more quality customer service, in order to assess of evaluating our customers’ satisfaction
  • Continuous 24-hour customer service, through a round-the-clock phone line
  • “More on your terms” at BP fuel stations (Free Wi-Fi, pet corner, lane for easy and safe refueling dedicated to motorcycles, Free 12 Point Check)
  • EKO App for smartphones: information for products, services, and offers.


Responsible and Sustainable Procurement

The Group has a large and diverse list of supplier base comprised of over 12,000 active suppliers, for the purchase of materials, equipment, or services, which includes multinational companies but also large, medium, small-sized local enterprises, which is renewed in order to develop and maintain a large and reliable supply chain.

Our collaborators are selected and evaluated both upon inclusion in our suppliers' list as well as during our cooperation with them, based not only on business criteria but also on sustainable development criteria. Furthermore, all contracts with our suppliers incorporate a “compliance condition” according to the principles of the UN Global Compact (in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment, and anti-corruption).