In the local communities where we do business, we are always in open dialogue and recognise the important issues for each individual region. We apply sound practices for all social groups, support the local economy and local suppliers, as well as offer jobs and opportunities to young people.

Currently, over 406 permanent employees reside in nearby municipalities in the region of Thriasio while 127 permanent employees reside in the Western Thessaloniki area.

Over €3 million are paid each year in municipal taxes, while the local economies benefit from our purchases of products and services from local businesses.

Purchases from local suppliers amount to 15.5% for HELLENIC PETROLEUM and DIAXON (industrial companies) and to 96% for our marketing companies (excluding costs such as purchases, transportation and storage of raw materials and intermediates, water, energy and telephony payments, intra-group transactions and payments to public funds, insurance funds and insurance companies).