Communication and cooperation with neighboring local communities are multidimensional and include CSR activities and sponsorships as well as more direct collaborations such as infrastructure developments and supporting small local businesses. These are backed by continuous dialogue and surveys, such as the materiality assessment, annual opinion surveys, public debates and other forms of communication.

The results of the these practices are evaluated and redefined, in order to take into account and meet our stakeholders’ needs and expectations, as they are reflected in the above surveys and evaluations.

We currently employ 378 individuals from the Thriassio region and 126 from W. Thessaloniki.
We also spend around €3 mil. annually on municipal duties and support the local economy through buying goods and services from various businesses in the neighbouring areas, where we operate. Purchases from local suppliers account for 13% for the industrial complexes and 97% for the Group’s marketing companies (not taking into account expenses for purchase & storage of raw material/intermediate products/petroleum products, expenses for water/energy/telephony, and intragroup transactions).

Indicative Group’s initiatives towards groups of beneficiaries are described below:

To socially vulnerable groups

  • Donation of Heating Oil
    The Group has, for several years now, been providing heating oil to schools in neighboring municipalities, in Thriassio and W. Thessaloniki, as well as to other bodies and institutions that host children with special needs. As part of its efforts to give children a welcoming and warm environment, more than 1.3 mil. lit. of heating oil have been donated over the last five years.
  • Social Groceries Programs
    The Group, over the last four years, has tangibly demonstrated solidarity towards members of society, who are most in need. In order to meet the growing needs, generated in recent years due to the recession, we have directly  supported socially vulnerable groups through providing further support to Communities’ Administrations initiatives, such as the "Social Grocery" initiative. Specifically, we provide monthly support for Social Groceries initiatives in neighboring municipalities (Triassio and W. Thessaloniki) through offering vouchers to support families and individuals in need.
  • The “Let’s go Camping” program for children from financially vulnerable families from neighbouring municipalities
  • Donation of free food vouchers to more than 300 families with financial difficulties, for Easter and Christmas.
  • Support of creative activities for children with special needs
  • Supporting NGOs, institutions and charitable organisations

Youth -  Education

  • Awards to students residing in neighboring municipalities for gaining admission into universities and technical colleges
  • Giving scholarships in cooperation with educational institutions
  • Providing lectures on skills development for young people from neighboring municipalities
  • Supporting school events

Infrastructure - Environment - Improving the Quality of Life

  • Road paving works in neighboring municipalities
  • Medical equipment for the Triassio Hospital in Elefsina
  • Donation of refuse truck to the Municipality of Megara
  • Construction of playground at 1st & 6th kindergartens in Ampelokipi – Menemeni Municipality
  • Prepaid cards for free purchasing of fuels for fire fighting vehicles
  • Cleaning Initiatives on World Environment Day
  • Maintenance of environmental stations in neighbouring municipalities

Athletics - Culture

  • Annual financial support to local athletic clubs                                                
  • Covering purchasing expenses of athletic equipment for social and athletic associations
  • Covering of expenses for athletic events
  • Financial support of annual cultural events/festivities in neighbouring municipalities
  • Restoration study of "Telesterion" at archeological area of Elefsina