Communication and cooperation with neighboring local communities are multidimensional and include CSR activities and sponsorships as well as more direct collaborations such as infrastructure developments and supporting small local businesses. These are backed by continuous dialogue and surveys, such as the materiality assessment, annual opinion surveys, public debates and other forms of communication.

The results of the these practices are evaluated and redefined, in order to take into account and meet our stakeholders’ needs and expectations, as they are reflected in the above surveys and evaluations.

We currently employ residents from neighbouring municipalities, over 384 individuals from the Thriassion region and 122 from the Western Thessaloniki area.

We also spend around €3 million annually on municipal duties and support the local economy, through buying goods and services from various businesses in the areas where we operate.

Purchases from local suppliers account for 13% for the Group's industrial complexes and 96% for the Group’s marketing companies.