The HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group implements actions that inform and raise awareness of environmental and sustainable development issues, encourage the adoption of green habits and improve the environmental footprint.


Response to the wildfires of summer 2021

During the fires in the summer of 2021, the HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group geared to protecting the environment was immediately at the forefront, reinforcing the firefighting units. It ensured the continuous supply of fuel for all fire-fighting vehicles, converted the company’s tankers into water tankers, while Group employees volunteered to assist in the fire-fighting efforts.

In addition, the Group undertook the implementation of erosion control projects, with a total budget of € 3 mil., in the Gerania Mountains, in the area of Schino and in Attica, in the area of Varybobi. It is worth noting that the projects implemented are 100% ecological, as the construction materials came exclusively from burnt trees in the area.


Installation of PV in Schools and Institutions

Since 2012, HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group has put into operation 12 photovoltaic systems on the roofs of schools and institutions, mainly in the local communities where it operates, with a total installed capacity of ~200kW and an average annual production of 284,000 kWh, through which the emission of approximately 266 tons of carbon dioxide is avoided. In 2021, the monitoring of energy consumption continued through an integrated "smart meter". Maintenance of the installed PV systems was also carried out.


Participation in the URB-EN PACT program

The Group joined the program by presenting the Group's energy transition strategy and by participating in small-scale actions in cooperation with local communities. Within the framework of the URB-EN PACT program, the "Earth 2030" educational suitcase visited 4 schools in Elefsina during 2021.


Air pollution meters

Air pollution monitors have been installed in neighbouring municipalities of the Group in Thriasio and Thessaloniki. In 2021, the existing ones were maintained and the corresponding program for the installation of air pollution monitoring stations was launched in the Municipality of Haidari, in cooperation with the Municipal Authority of Haidari and the University of West Attica.