Supporting citizens through actions and initiatives that improve everyday life and contribute to social progress, are an integral part of the corporate philosophy of the HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group. With respect to the environment, society and people, the Group continues to develop its strategy, with the fundamental principle of safe and sustainable operation in all areas of activity.

  • Investments in Corporate Responsibility actions in Greece and abroad totaled €5.85 mil. in 2021

The Group, through its Corporate Responsibility actions, it maintains a responsible attitude towards society as a whole, that focuses on 4 main axes:


The actions are designed by thematic category and are implemented both at national and local level, highlighting the extent of the Group's commitment to society.



The Group, creates added value for the economy and society, confirming its responsible attitude and its long-standing contribution.

Its economic and social contribution includes the value added, jobs and tax revenues that the Group directly generates in the Greek economy. It also includes the indirect effects created by its economic transactions with domestic suppliers of goods and services, as well as the induced effects, which refer to the impact that the expenditure of employee income generated directly and indirectly by the Group's activities has on the economy.

You can find the relevant study for the year 2021 here.



The Group continues to support the local community in many ways, supporting businesses neighbouring its facilities to supply products and services.

Purchases from local suppliers amount to 12.5% of the total purchase value of HELPE & DIAXON (industrial companies) and the companies (CHRONUS) of the photovoltaic park in Kozani. For the other companies (commercial, upstream, RES, etc.), purchases from local suppliers account for 95.4% of the total purchase value. For the definition of "local supplier" and more details see indicator 204-1. Note that costs such as purchase, transport and storage of raw materials and intermediate goods, water, energy and telephony, intra-group transactions and payments to government, insurance funds and insurance companies are not taken into account.

Moreover, we apply good practices for all social groups, support the local economy and local suppliers, we offer opportunities to young people and place particular emphasis on locality in the personnel selection procedure. In 2021, the direct jobs supported by the Group in the local community and the indirect and induced jobs created by the Group's spending on local suppliers are estimated at:

  • 621 direct jobs in the local communities of Thriasio and Western Thessaloniki.
  • 1.572 indirect and induced jobs in Thriasio, Western Thessaloniki and Kozani.