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In September 2019, the ELPE Group, in the context of its provision of humanitarian support to those inflicted by the fire at Neos Voutzas, Mati and Rafina, restored and renovated fully the buildings of the Rafina Special School Complex, which had been partially destroyed by the fire. All the facilities and the surrounding area, where more than 80 children with special skills are hosted, were fully refurbished and upgraded too. The fire had caused major damage to the elementary school buildings and the surrounding area, while the rest of the building complex had major deficiencies in terms of facilities, functionality, security and accessibility for the children hosted there.

The new premises were restored fully by the Group's subsidiary, ASPROFOS Engineering, in accordance with the high quality and safety standards set by the European Union and applied by ELOT. The restoration Project was completed in record time, as schools were in operation until mid-June 2019 and all works on 5 of the 6 buildings and the surrounding area took place solely during the 3 summer months until the start of the new school year.
More information available at:


  • Heating oil donation: To 136 schools and 23,000 children as well as to 3 Open Care Centers for the Elderli (KAPI) and 4 municipal fitness centers in the neighbouring municipalities of Thriasio and Western Thessaloniki. Also, to NGOs, foundations and institutions protecting socially vulnerable groups (more than 540,000 liters of heating and diesel fuel).

  • Support for people with disabilities: Enhancing and extending programs supporting Special Schools as well as NGOs, such as ELEPAP, PASKA, PEKAMEA, AMEA MEGARA, EVRYNOMI, THEOFILOS, ARTEMIS, ERGASTIRI, TRIPTOLEMOS, Pan-Hellenic Association of the Blind etc.).

  • Monthly support for Social Groceries Programs: The Group demonstrated its concrete solidarity with the weakest members of the society, providing 1,750 families residing in our neighboring municipalities of Thriasio and Western Thessaloniki with food vouchers on a monthly basis.

  • Summer child care programs: Creative activities during the summer months provided for children with disabilities and the children of families in need in our neighboring municipalities of Thriasio and Western Thessaloniki in cooperation with NGO “ELIX” and with the American Farm School of Thessaloniki (338 children were involved in total).

  • Donation of STEM toys to children at Christmas: 3,000 educational toys were given to students from 30 schools and vulnerable social groups of the Elefsina Special School, the Elefsina Care Center and the Elefsina Workers’ Center, which provide opportunities for skills development and engage children in playful activities linked to science, technology, mathematics and engineering.

  • Down Syndrome Association of Greece: Donation of a 17-seat bus to cover the daily needs for safe transportation of children. 110 employees of the Group and their families contributed to the purchase of the bus by participating in the 14th "Alexander the Great" Thessaloniki International Marathon. The volunteers ran with the slogan "Participate and Offer" and the company responded to their call, paying €10 for each kilometre they ran.

  • Elimination of discrimination and respect for human rights program: “Human Rights for Beginners” program, in collaboration with “New Wrinkle”, the Ministry of Education & Religion, and the Office of the National Rapporteur on Trafficking in Human Beings of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The program seeks to introduce and train educators on issues that are critical to the school community, as identified by the Council of Europe, through participation in six thematic workshops / Roma integration programs in cooperation with the Church, as well as people released from prison in cooperation with the NGO "Epanodos".

  • “Companies Give Meds” Program: The Group's employees collected 531 boxes of medicines from their home pharmacies and the Group, in collaboration with the public benefit organization GIVMED, delivered 377 boxes of medicines to the Social Pharmacy of Elefsina and 154 boxes to the Social Pharmacy of Kalamaria in Thessaloniki, in order to cover the pharmaceutical needs of vulnerable residents who do not have access to their medicines.

  • "With endless love for the strays", which is based on two pillars: a) the education of the young generation and b) the sterilization of stray animals, and is implemented with the support of BP gas stations by "Save a Greek Stray" ( SGS). The program travels to areas throughout Greece with the aim of caring for stray animals, improving their living conditions and, at the same time, raising public awareness about stray animals with information actions about the problems that they face and the solutions that can be found. In 2019, two actions took place in rural areas, during which more than 1,000 students were informed and more than 200 stray dogs were sterilised, identified and vaccinated.

  • Digital Information Campaigns & Safe Driving Training: A digital campaign with safe driving tips on the FB page of BP Retail Greece with a total of 721,406 views and 4,938 clicks. EKO Riding School - "Safe motorcycle riding training day" during which 20 motorcyclists were trained, in combination with a digital YouTube campaign.

  • Donation of medical and pharmaceutical equipment: To Hospitals, Clinics and organizations involved in humanitarian and medical work (“THRIASIO” General Hospital of Elefsina, AHEPA Paediatric Hospital of Thessaloniki, “Agios Savvas” General Anti-Cancer Oncology Hospital of Athens, 2nd Psychiatric Clinic EKPA – ATTIKON, Health Centers of Ithaca, Sami-Kefallonia, Paramythia and Filippiada, Hellenic Health Foundation, etc.).

  • Actions against gender-based violence: As a member of CSR Hellas, we support the transnational program "CEASE", which aims to highlight the crucial role of companies in combating domestic violence, through the training of their executives and the formation of a hospitable work environment to support victims.

  • Training programs for vulnerable groups: Training programs aimed at familiarizing unemployed people, immigrants and refugees with the use of technological tools, in collaboration with the Social Hackers Academy (200 hours of training in programming, 60 hours of training in soft skills, 20 attendances in developer conferences).

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