The Group’s provisions and responsible attitude towards society, given the ongoing recession in Greece, was directed towards two main areas, namely socially vulnerable groups and youth. 

The Group’s multi-faceted program of activities in Greece and abroad, in addition to the two aforementioned main pillars, supports actions related to infrastructure works and improving life quality, as well as programs regarding the environment, culture and sports. The extent of our commitment to society includes a large number of CSR activities, where the Group invests, respecting the environment and contributing to sustainable development, such as:

  • Scholarships for postgraduate studies abroad
    Addressed to young people from all over Greece, wishing to attend full-time studies, for a maximum of two years, leading to a Postgraduate Degree. The program seeks to support excellent students, who want to enrich their knowledge with a specialization in three areas: Engineering, Economics & Management and Exploration & Production of Hydrocarbons. The program is in its fourth year and, up to date, 22 scholarships to internationally recognized universities have been awarded.