The Group’s multi-faceted CSR program in Greece and abroad reflects our continous commitment to society and our contribution to sustainable development.




  • The Group donated heating oil to the schools in the neighbouring Thriasio and West Thessaloniki municipalities, as well as to NGOs, bodies and foundations for the protection of socially vulnerable groups. Over the past five years, more than 1.5 million litres of heating oil have been donated.
  • Financial support provided to the National Emergency Aid Centre, public hospitals, university clinics and NGOs as well as fuels and medical equipment.
  • Support provided for the continuation of programs for individuals with special needs (Elix, PASKA, Margarita, Ergastiri, SNP Megaron, Sikiaridio etc.)
  • Support of the Church’s charity work. In collaboration with the Church, supporting a prototype educational/inclusionist program for students from the Roma community.
  • The Group displays solidarity to the most vulnerable members of society by helping them with their increasing needs, caused by the financial circumstances in our country in recent years.  It supports 1,250 families on a monthly basis, through Social Groceries programs in the neighbouring municipalities of Thriasion and West Thessaloniki, by offering them super market vouchers.
  • Hosting children from destitute families in summer camps.
  • Gathering and delivering food, clothes, personal hygiene items, medicine and toys in order to support the refugee centres in Eleonas, Skaramaga and Schisto.
  • Support of the “Anikti Agalia” NGO for its preventive medicine program in Lesvos
  • Purchase of a bronchoscope for the “Pediatric Trauma Care” NGO
  • Medical equipment for the Thriasion Hospital




  • The Group participates and supports the European initiative Pact4Youth (European Accord for Youth), a mutual commitment of businesses, social partners, youth organizations, NGOs etc., aiming at supporting the new generation in the fields of professional training and quality education as well as with internship and employment programs and is against discriminations throughout the integration processes of the new generations.
  • Internship opportunities for University/Technical Education Institute (TEI) students
  • Employment of new graduates in various organizational departments of the Group
  • Organizing skill development seminars (entrepreneurship, marketing, interpersonal communication)
  • Through the AIESEC program, we support graduates participating in the “Global Talent” competition enabling them to find employment opportunities abroad
  • Scholarships of excellence for students from all over Greece, who wish to continue their full time postgraduate studies for up to two years. This program aims at supporting students who wish to enhance their knowledge expertise in three subjects: Mechanical Engineering, Finance and Administration and Hydrocarbon Exploration and Exploitation. The program was conducted this year for the 4th consecutive year, and up until now 33 scholarships have been awarded for attendance at internationally acclaimed Universities (MIT, Harvard, Oxford, Imperial College, Berkeley etc.)
  • Awarding newly accepted University and TEI students from the neighbouring municipalities of Thriasion and West Thessaloniki
  • Rewarding excellence for students, Group employees’ children, who were admitted to higher education
  • Participation in the implementation team for the European project “Hypatia” in Greece, which aims to encourage students, and particularly girls aged 13-18, to follow studies in STEM
  • Cooperation with the Centre for the Propagation of Science and Museum of Technology “NOESIS”
  • Cooperation with the Goulandris Museum of Natural History for the exhibition “Minerals and Man”
  • Support of the Program “Virtual Business” - Youth Entrepreneurship Union (SEN/JA Greece)
  • Support of Robotics competitions
  • Donation of educational materials (computers, printers, interactive boards) to schools
  • Support for student and university competitions (Best, F1 in Schools) and career orientation events (Career Day, TED X Academy)
  • Support for libraries in local societies through lectures, book donations etc.
  • Train the trainer “Playing with Protons” program for ten primary education teachers, in cooperation with the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)