• Financial support provided to bodies (such as the Greek Embassy, the Economic Chamber, the “Vida Matjan” Conservatory, the MNE forum and the Municipality of Bijelo Polje) for the organization of cultural events and conferences
  • Sponsoring the Marine Biology Institute for the “survey of marine caves including monkseal habitats in cape’’ project
  • Fuel donations made to the: Podgorica Paraplegic Association, the Committee for the reconstruction of the church of St. Ilija, Voluica, Bar, the Paraplegic association of Kotor, and the "Primorac" Water polo club, to support their work
  • Sponsoring and support provided for sports and cultural events
  • Donation of equipment (furniture, printers, PCs) to educational institutions and foundations such as the “JU Gimnazija’’ Kotor, “JU Osnovna škola’’, “Ivo Visin“,“Narodni heroj Savo Ilić“,“Njegos’’, “JU Kulturni centar’’,“Nikola Đurković’’, “Opština Rožaje’’, Day Care Centres for children with disabilities in Podgorica, Cetinje, Niksic, the Center for youth and children ‘’Ljubovic’’ and the Elementary School ’’Nikola Djurkovic’’ in Lastva Grbaljska
  • Coverage of all expenses (accommodation, transportation, pocket money) for holidays in Halkidiki for 20 children from the ’’Mladost” Children’s Orphanage in Bijela
  • Financial support given to the Podgorica Children’s Hospital (Christmas gifts given to children) and the Gorica Park Nature Lovers Association to build a children’s playground.