We, at HELLENIC PETROLEUM, actively recognize our people’s valuable contribution to the growth of the Group with a comprehensive system of salaries and benefits.

We make sure to offer competitive salaries so as to attract talented executives and ensure a decent standard of living for all employees.

The salary policy for our personnel is defined by the Corporate Collective Labour Agreement.

Salaries and benefits at Senior Management level are defined by a Salary system that is directly linked to the assessment of their positions, their individual performance and target achievement.

At the same time we have a benefits policy that substantially supports our employees and their families. We stand by them at all times, offering assistance, safety and security.


Insurance Programs

  • Collective Pension Scheme
  • Collective Life Insurance Program
  • Collective Inpatient and Outpatient Health Care Program for employees and their families


  • Coverage of daycare centre expenses and financial aid to the children of employees at the beginning of the school year.
  • Coverage of summer camp expenses for employees’ children.
  • Financial award to employees’ children excelling in secondary education and those successfully admitted to Higher Education Institutions.
  • Gifts/financial support at important moments in employees’ lives, such as marriage and childbirth.
  • Financial aid to our employees with multi-children families.
  • Loans in case of emergency.