The selection procedure focuses on transparency and meritocracy, aiming for  the best candidates who have knowledge, as well as  will and ability to contribute to the development of the Group.

The procedure includes:

  • Capability Test

Candidates replying to adverts for job vacancies in our company and who meet all necessary requirements are summoned for a written evaluation held by an independent specialist company.

  • Interviews

Candidates, who score the highest in the written evaluation part, are summoned to the second stage of the procedure, which is the interview.

  • Specialised additional evaluation procedures

As per the requirements of each position, we implement further evaluation. This evaluation is in the form of a test in real working conditions.

  • Locality

At HELLENIC PETROLEUM we believe that it is our obligation to function as responsible and active members of the local communities, in which we operate.

We want the operation and development of our Group to be aligned with the expectations of the people with whom we share the same living space.  By placing particular emphasis on locality, we create mutual benefits for the Group and local communities.

  • 12-month trial period

Each new recruit is subject to a 12-month trial period, so that:

  • The efficiency and suitability of those newly recruited can be assessed.
  • Their interest and commitment to the Company goals can be ascertained.